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Terms and Conditions

Return Policy

All of our products are hand-made and made to order and therefore we are not able to offer returns. Note that there will be variations in our products given they are hand-made and use gemstones which are perfectly imperfect.

Damaged Product

If a product is damaged in shipping, please notify us within 5 days via email at orders@stonebonewoodcloth.com. We will make every effort to make things right.


If you choose to wear your tassel, know that it will show wear and tear – the ribbons will fray and the stones may chip. We like that it shows the “patina of age”. If you don’t want the patina, you might not want to wear it. Hang it somewhere lovely as a décor element. A personal talisman nonetheless…just a bit more grounded.

Please note that images showing gemstones are for example as all stones vary in color and shape. That is part of the magic and adventure.

Because all of our pieces are hand made to order we are not able to offer returns unless an item is damaged.

Join the Stone Circle

A monthly note on gemstones and their magical energy. Plus a peak at limited edition and one-of-a-kind creations.