A wise woman once told me: “there is memory in stone, bone, wood and cloth.” I know it’s a bit clunky for a name, but it perfectly sums up the intention behind Stone Bone Wood Cloth…the idea that we live and we create and we become a collection of all our intentions.

Our mission is to create beautiful objects, hand-made from stone, bone, wood or cloth that can be customized with gemstones or charms of your chosing to make a one-of-a-kind personal talisman…something unique and individual.

In addition to the products we develop, guest artists will be invited to share unique items created just for us. So check back over the coming months to discover other special objects…ready for you to personalize.

Thanks for your interest in Stone Bone Wood Cloth.

Make something magical!


Seeker and Founder

Katie Geraty talisman