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Raw Diamond Silver Skull

Hand-dyed sari silk, Japanese linen and paper moire and iridescent ribbons combine to make a perfect nest for raw diamonds. Hidden in their beauty and full of potential to shimmer and reflect light. 

Diamond energy brings light and radiance and a tiny ruby sparkles, hinting of passion and prosperity. Morganite and rose quartz suggest love and compassion. Andalusite balances and Smokey quartz amplifies it all. 

A sterling silver skull hints at the rebel nature within.

  • Approx. 8 inches


All stones are one of a kind and may not appear exactly as shown in photos.




Prized for their craftsmanship, these sterling silver charms are hand-made by artisans from Bali.


Standard Clasp. Perfect for necklace use. See other uses.

  • Standard Clasp

Using your tassel

Wear tassels from a leather cord as a necklace, tie them onto your purse, or hang them in your home.

Join the Stone Circle

A monthly note on gemstones and their magical energy. Plus a peak at limited edition and one-of-a-kind creations.